About Lori Stevens

Lori Stevens

“Your life is your message to the world.  Make sure it’s inspiring.” – unknownI’m always looking for opportunities to be inspired and to inspire others.  Through this blog, my intention is to offer compelling thoughts and stories.  It is through those stories that I hope to build a bridge between enthusiasm and action.

Life as a working woman is not for sissies.  At the end of the day I am a Wife and Mom, a career woman and petlover.  I’m just like many of you, working to strike the balance between taking care of others and myself.  It’s a daily struggle, with daily gifts and successes as as well as plenty of failures.   But I find in those failures, the learning.  Learning to forgive myself (this is an ongoing learning, by the way!), to love myself and to commit to myself to be and do my personal best today.

It’s just me over here catharting. I write to cathart.  To bring what’s in my brain out so it can just stop swirling around in there – and hopefully, bring some enthusiasm to you, in a way that gets you thinking, acting or sharing.  My wish is that it does just that.





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